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In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.


In the beginning Definition: beginning, chief Strong's: H7225 Transliteration: be·re·shit


God Definition: God, god Strong's: H430 Transliteration: e·lo·him;
created Definition: to shape, create Strong's: H1254 Transliteration: ba·ra
the heavens Definition: heaven, sky Strong's: H8064 Transliteration: ha·sha·ma·yim
and the earth. Definition: earth, land Strong's: H776 Transliteration: ha·'a·retz.



ABDON (2)ab'-don (`abhdon, perhaps "service"): One of the four Levitical cities in the tribe of Asher (Joshua 21:30 1 Chronicles 6:74). Probably the same with Ebron (in the King James Version "Hebron") in Joshua 19:28, where some copies have the reading Abdon. Now called Abdeh, a few miles from the Mediterranean and about fifteen miles south of Tyre.

Abarim (Mount Nebo)

ABARIMab'-a-rim, a-ba'-rim (`abharim): The stem idea is that of going across a space or a dividing line, or for example a river. It is the same stem that appears in the familiar phrase "beyond Jordan," used to denote the region East of the Jordan, and Hellenized in the name Peraea. This fact affords the most natural explanation of the phrases `the mountains... View Details



Abel, a son of Adam


Amminadab, an Israelite ancestor of Christ

Parallel Verses

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New American Standard Bible In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.
King James Bible In the beginning God created the heavens heaven and the earth.