4194 - maveth

Strong's Concordance

Original word: מָ֫וֶת
Transliteration: maveth
Definition (short): death
Definition (full): death, the dead, their place, state, pestilence, ruin

NAS Exhaustive Concordance

Word Origin: from muth
Definition: death
NASB Translation: dead (4), deadly (3), Death (2), death (129), die (7), died (9), dies (6), plague (1).
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Strong's Exhaustive Concordance

From muwth; death (natural or violent); concretely, the dead, their place or state (hades); figuratively, pestilence, ruin -- (be) dead((-ly)), death, die(-d).

see HEBREW muwth

KJV: And she went, and sat her down over against him a good way off, as it were a bowshot: for she said, Let me not see the death of the child. And she sat over against him, and lift up her voice, and wept.
NASB: Then she went and sat down opposite him, about a bowshot away, for she said, "Do not let me see the boy die." And she sat opposite him, and lifted up her voice and wept.
KJV: And it came to pass after the death of Abraham, that God blessed his son Isaac; and Isaac dwelt by the well Lahairoi.
NASB: It came about after the death of Abraham, that God blessed his son Isaac; and Isaac lived by Beer-lahai-roi.
KJV: And Isaac digged again the wells of water, which they had digged in the days of Abraham his father; for the Philistines had stopped them after the death of Abraham: and he called their names after the names by which his father had called them.
NASB: Then Isaac dug again the wells of water which had been dug in the days of his father Abraham, for the Philistines had stopped them up after the death of Abraham; and he gave them the same names which his father had given them.
KJV: And he said, Behold now, I am old, I know not the day of my death:
NASB: Isaac said, "Behold now, I am old and I do not know the day of my death.
KJV: Bring me venison, and make me savoury meat, that I may eat, and bless thee before the LORD before my death.
NASB: Bring me some game and prepare a savory dish for me, that I may eat, and bless you in the presence of the LORD before my death.'