4116 - mahar

Strong's Concordance

Original word: מָהַר
Transliteration: mahar
Definition (short): quickly
Definition (full): to be liquid, flow easily, to hurry, promptly

NAS Exhaustive Concordance

Word Origin: a prim. root
Definition: to hasten
NASB Translation: act quickly (1), anxious (1), bring quickly (2), bring...quickly (1), do quickly (1), haste (2), hasten (3), hastened (1), hastens (1), hastily (1), hasty (1), hurried (10), hurriedly (2), hurry (8), immediately (1), impetuous (1), impulsive (1), made haste (1), make haste (1), make speed (1), prepare (1), quickly (16), quickly thwarted (1), rapidly (1), soon (2), swift (3).
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Strong's Exhaustive Concordance

A primitive root; properly, to be liquid or flow easily, i.e. (by implication); to hurry (in a good or a bad sense); often used (with another verb) adverbially, promptly -- be carried headlong, fearful, (cause to make, in, make) haste(-n, -ily), (be) hasty, (fetch, make ready) X quickly, rash, X shortly, (be so) X soon, make speed, X speedily, X straightway, X suddenly, swift.
KJV: And Abraham hastened into the tent unto Sarah, and said, Make ready quickly three measures of fine meal, knead it, and make cakes upon the hearth.
NASB: So Abraham hurried into the tent to Sarah, and said, "Quickly, prepare three measures of fine flour, knead it and make bread cakes."
KJV: And Abraham ran unto the herd, and fetcht a calf tender and good, and gave it unto a young man; and he hasted to dress it.
NASB: Abraham also ran to the herd, and took a tender and choice calf and gave it to the servant, and he hurried to prepare it.
KJV: Haste thee, escape thither; for I cannot do any thing till thou be come thither. Therefore the name of the city was called Zoar.
NASB: "Hurry, escape there, for I cannot do anything until you arrive there." Therefore the name of the town was called Zoar.
KJV: And she said, Drink, my lord: and she hasted, and let down her pitcher upon her hand, and gave him drink.
NASB: She said, "Drink, my lord"; and she quickly lowered her jar to her hand, and gave him a drink.