Lamech [N] [H] [S]

the strikerdown; the wild man. 

  • The fifth in descent from Cain. He was the first to violate the primeval ordinance of marriage ( Genesis 4:18-24 ). His address to his two wives, Adah and Zillah ( Genesis 4:23  Genesis 4:24 ), is the only extant example of antediluvian poetry. It has been called "Lamech's sword-song." He was "rude and ruffianly," fearing neither God nor man. With him the curtain falls on the race of Cain. We know nothing of his descendants. 


  • The seventh in descent from Seth, being the only son of Methuselah. Noah was the oldest of his several sons ( Genesis 5:25-31 ;  Luke 3:36 ). 


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