Levi [N] [H] [S]


  • The third son of Jacob by Leah. The origin of the name is found in Leah's words ( Genesis 29:34 ), "This time will my husband be joined [Heb. yillaveh] unto me." He is mentioned as taking a prominent part in avenging his sister Dinah ( Genesis 34:25-31 ). He and his three sons went down with Jacob ( 46:11 ) into Egypt, where he died at the age of one hundred and thirty-seven years ( Exodus 6:16 ). 


  • The father of Matthat, and son of Simeon, of the ancestors of Christ ( Luke 3:29 ). 


  • Luke 3:24 . 


  • One of the apostles, the son of Alphaeus ( Mark 2:14 ;  Luke 5:27  Luke 5:29 ), called also Matthew ( Matthew 9:9 ). 


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