Aner (Taanach)

ANER (2)

a'-ner (`aner, meaning doubtful): A Levitical town in Manasseh, West of the Jordan (1 Chronicles 6:70). Gesenius and others identified it with Taanach of Joshua 21:25. There is, however, no agreement as to its location.

ANER (1)

a'-ner (`aner; Septuagint Aunan; Samaritan Pentateuch, `anram, "sprout," "waterfall"): One of the three "confederates" of Abraham in his pursuit after the four kings (Genesis 14:13, 14). Judging from the meanings of the two other names, Mamre being the name of the sacred grove or tree (Jahwist) and synonymous with Hebron (Priestly Code); and Eschol-a name of a valley (lit. "grape cluster") from which the personal names are derived-it may be expected to explain the name Aner in a similar way. Dillmann suggested the name of a range of mountains in that vicinity (Comm. at the place and Rosen in ZDMG, XII, 479; Skinner, Genesis, 365).

S. Cohon